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Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Message“Shining Smailes Always”

■ Mission

”Offer inspiration and satisfaction to customers with our sincere services and products”

■ Values

”For the unrelenting pursuit of beauty, we will endeavor to continuously improve ourselves.”

■ Standards

 We will always prioritize safety and assurance.
 The customers are at the forefront of all our actions.
 We will always value our aspirations and persevere till the end.
 We will never forget the sense of gratitude, enthusiasm and inspiration.
 Courtesy and consideration will always be our motto.
 We will keep a clear balance between warmth and strictness.
 We will abide by all rules and regulations as well as by the social codes of conduct with a commitment for a fair and trustworthy business operation.
 Our actions will always come from a global perspective.
 We will take utmost care of the global environment for the lives of our future generations.
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